The last note of 2018

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash Like everything good or bad, this year comes to a close. Time to look back and quickly recap whatever has gone by. Lot of work in much so, it left little time to make blog entries on any blog. But being my recovery blog, I will stick to the doctoral research issues … Continue reading The last note of 2018


What I mean by ‘Recovery Oriented Counseling’

It is difficult for me to explain to people what is the meaning of recovery oriented counseling. Why? Because 'recovery' is a controversial issue, yet something which ought to be known by a wider number of people who are given mental 'illness' diagnosis. The major controversy about recovery lies in the fact that the idea … Continue reading What I mean by ‘Recovery Oriented Counseling’

Life beyond ‘hearing voices’? Here’s one way (republished from Aeon)

Contemplate how a person’s life would be changed by starting to hear or see things others can’t. Now imagine it could offer something good. A research team from Hull University and associated NHS trusts in the UK suggest that, among the tumult, hallucinations can also offer opportunities for growth. Writing in the Journal of Psychology … Continue reading Life beyond ‘hearing voices’? Here’s one way (republished from Aeon)