The most important person for recovery

I was just listening to one of my research interviews and upon asking the interviewee who was the most important person in his recovery, he replied, (a bit shocking for me)

“Me”! (the exclamation is mine)

I could not believe for a moment, but then I thought that is also true for me, only I never thought about it so straight-forwardly.


People who recover usual have one trait in common- among others: they are looking for recovery or looking for change. They are not necessarily overwhelmed by the psychiatric diagnosis and they are moving slowly and incrementally. Of course there are others who are debilitated by the psychiatric nomenclatures and the belief that they are ‘ill’. But as long as people keep moving and keep looking for ways out of the problem, a way can be found- sooner or later.

If only the nightingale sang, the woods would be silent.

If only psychiatrists could help people recover, we would know of thousands of recovery by now- but we don’t. Nobody knows even a handful of people who have recovered from any psychiatric diagnosis. Why? Because psychiatry’s fairy tales, which everyone believes in and therefore buys into, does not have a resolution. The mental ‘illness’ of psychiatry never becomes a mental wellness!

So why are they peddling drugs in the name of ‘treatment’?

Well, that’s another story- the story of how psychiatrists are the salespeople of pharma industry- giving their products an educated, authoritative and seemingly scientific exterior, which nobody dares to challenge.

The person who I was interviewing recovered from schizophrenia- at 25, after a few years of being on medication and then went on to live a normal, active, professional life. He is now 60. People recover all the time- if only more would understand it is possible and that a way lies in the labyrinth for them too. If you cannot see it, seek assistance, sit with someone outside the circle (therapist, counselor or anyone that works for you) and make a new story for yourself.

The path is already there, you just have to figure it out. Asking someone may only shorten the road, or else you can find it for yourself in whatever time you are destined to- I myself took two decades after all!


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