Recovery related resources on the blog

This page does not talk about recovery resources from all over the place, only those that are already available on this blog, so that one does not have to look up various corners in search for something. I repeatedly say that recovery is something most people can accomplish. But let me also say that most or perhaps none can accomplish this without help from others. And this help would lie in many domains- in weaning off medication, in dealing with day-to-day crises, in creating newer behaviours and responses, in choosing new pathways or new life situations which are not so debilitating as to keep causing distress.

Here are the recovery related resources around this blog that I would like to share with everyone who drops by. In this post I respond to questions and answers about recovery, here I talk about what I do, can everyone recover, what are the issues I do advocacy about and further on what is recovery oriented counseling, can peer counseling be effective? In what manner can recovery oriented counseling be implemented? To respond to this I have devised a plan based on the years of work I have engaged with this.

In this post I share about how I go about my counseling work, here are the values with which I operate, a location where I respond to people’s queries for free whenever I can, a community I am building, another one here. I may occasionally add more things here, but these capture the gist anyways.

This is a nutshell and in all likelihood it leads you to a more thorough investigation and let’s you understand all aspects of recovery that I can share. In case you would like to hear a recent interview of mine in the public domain, please check it here.

Kindly note, recovery is everyone’s personal journey just as becoming a patient of psychiatry or any suffering. I cannot respond to individual queries, therefore I tend to direct everyone to this big set of ideas that I have culled over at least a few decades of study/research. At most if you would like to take the path of recovery and want me to assist you I can offer you counseling and guidance to you and your family & ensure you accomplish the best outcomes possible. But the journey of recovery is a journey of commitment to yourself, to the process and to the outsider (me), in case that is the path you adopt. If you like to know, here are my professional terms of engagement . If you do not, nobody is going to push you towards recovery, you can pretty much keep taking all the medication in the belief that medication will help you some day in the future, remain in-recovery for all times ahead.

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