Anti-psychotics and quality of life

This is a question which may occur to many people whether anti-psychotics improve the quality of life. So let me put it this way- anti-psychotics are NOT meant to improve the quality of life, but just reduce the symptoms of psychosis in the short run. Why do I say 'short run'? Nobody ordinarily can have … Continue reading Anti-psychotics and quality of life

6th Nov 1992

The date above will remain significant for long, until memory fades, if ever. I was 20 then. The footsteps of winter had begun to descend and it was the last year of college. Or nearly so! It turned out to be the day my life would be changed forever. I stood in the college auditorium … Continue reading 6th Nov 1992

Despite their dangers, pro-anorexia forums have much to teach us

In recent years, a cultural movement has emerged online that takes a positive attitude toward eating disorders. So-called pro-anorexia (or, more commonly, ‘pro-ana’) organisations differ widely. Whereas the majority claim to provide a non-judgmental environment for those diagnosed with anorexia, others go further, denying that eating disorders are mental illnesses and casting them instead as … Continue reading Despite their dangers, pro-anorexia forums have much to teach us