This blog is devoted to recovery from serious mental illness.

Here is a brief description about the blog’s birth, the author’s personal story and the reasons for starting the blog.

Time of Starting the Blog- April 2017

Personal Story

1992: Given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. (age at the time: 20 years)

Occupation : Final year student in college

Remained extremely compliant with medication for 18 years.

2010: Quit psychiatric medication, with the support and assistance of a homeopath

I am not an ill person any longer, in fact, for a long time.

Dec 2015: I had another sudden ‘breakdown’ but thanks to understanding better we all handled it well enough for me to need psychiatric assistance only for three weeks. By the end of the time I staggered to get up and went ahead to face an interview- for entry into Phd research at NALSAR.

Current Occupation

PhD researcher studying recovery from psychosis in India

Classical Musician- currently focusing on music pedagogy

Non Profit Head

Read/download published research from this external location.

Collaborating Therapist- also working on a new form of counseling, to support more recoveries in serious mental health conditions.

What this blog is about

 I have always wanted to talk complex ideas in simpler ways.

Among one of the things closest to my heart is recovery of people from serious mental illness and trying to understand what is/are the obstacle/s on that path. I do that via listening to their life stories and analyzing the details of it, using multiple tools of analysis, honed over a long time.

I work in counseling with people having many diagnostic labels such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, and depressions – in helping them recover, and regain a life of their own choice. Wherever an opportunity presents itself, I work with children and young people in preventing them from getting mental health issues in the first place.This blog is an outcome of that work to a small extent.

Since I am also into Phd research now, I decided that I could share some of the articles that I am reading for my study and share them via the blog. Obviously a vast number of people do not read the sort of stuff that a researcher does. But is it not an obstacle for them that they cannot? It is an obstacle to accessing potential sources of knowledge, which I think could be more widely disseminated, so that more people can make informed choices. Sometimes people do not know what to read; they do not understand the language for it seems complicated and sometimes they simply do not have access to anything worthwhile- even to understand their own life.

Therefore on this blog I am talking about recovery from mental illness, or sharing research articles with lay people may not easily have an access to.

I am hoping to create a little pathway for knowledge to reach wider. I hope someone will gain from my indulgence.

Please feel free to leave your ideas, wisdom and footprints behind…


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