Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in our professional services. Here are the terms of engagement for incoming and/or returning clients. Those who engaged with counseling services in the past, and  took a break for over ten months count as returning clients. If you are living in any of the developing countries of the Global South please look here for the professional charges, if you are based in the developed countries of the Global North please check this link.

Incoming form and first appointment

  1. The first appointment is offered at the earliest opportunity, with a prior payment for individuals and for families (charges vary). This is a one-time payment, which may be waived if payment is made for multiple sessions at the first instance itself. All subsequent appointments are of a shorter duration.
  2. All professional charges are payable in advance via bank transfers- both for online and in-person meetings.
  3. You are requested to fill an incoming form once you have paid the money online and fixed an appointment. You are welcome to fill the form before the meeting right in your own home as well.
  4. Kindly note, no different charges are applicable in India and countries of the Global South. Price discrimination is our way to cross-subsidize clients who cannot afford full professional charges.


  1. The duration of the counseling sessions  is 40-45 minutes.
  2. Time/schedule permitting we may carry on the session. The billing for that is as follows- for up to another 25 minutes it amounts to half the session and above 25 minutes it amounts to another full session.

About Scheduling Appointments

  • Dialogue between any of us and any one person, even if they be a member of the family or  caregiver,  is chargeable at individual counseling rates.
  • Family counseling implies when two or more individuals from a family sit and communicate.  They may be three, four or five people or even more.
  • You may transfer professional charges for up to three sessions at a time. Billing is done at the end of every session and the balance is carried over to the future.
  • We do not have a refund policy. Therefore, kindly try only to pay for a few sessions at a time or if we express a sum to you only that. Please note that our advance payment policy is based on mutual respect and the fact that we would not want to chase clients for payments and neither want you to chase us for appointments.
  • Kindly allow us a time between three to seven days to fix appointments, for we also look for the best slot for everyone, depending upon schedules everyone maintains.
  • Our appointment schedule is flexible (at times), yet we mostly fix appointments at least three-four (or it may be less/more) days ahead of time. However, time permitting one may be able to offer you a quick appointment too- please do not hesitate to ask. All appointments are fixed once payment is transferred and either we get notified by the bank or you send a proof of it. Sorry, we are unable to fix appointments without prior payments.
  • Prateeksha’s first appointment with anyone is (usually) fixed either on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Subsequent appointments are likely to be fixed on another day day of the week. Ideally speaking we do not fix more than one appointment a week at the most.
  • 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Without this notice, the client stands to forfeit an appointment and payment. Please do not embarrass by asking for another appointment if one appointment has been missed without notifying us 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time.
  • Kindly note: Counseling schedule may vary depending upon research, or travel commitments.
  • Kindly note: WhatsApp conversations  if they are counseling related are put on counseling bills. Kindly avoid WhatsApp conversations completely, as they put strain on us.

If these terms of engagement agree, kindly request for the bank details to continue further.

The best thing is that humans constantly need to recover from this or that. Recovery is not confined to one kind of people alone- wounded by diagnostic labels heaped upon them. And do not forget that a majority of people are capable of complete, you among them. I wish you a safe passage regardless whether we work together. Best wishes and safe travels.