6th Nov 1992

The date above will remain significant for long, until memory fades, if ever. I was 20 then. The footsteps of winter had begun to descend and it was the last year of college. Or nearly so! It turned out to be the day my life would be changed forever. I stood in the college auditorium … Continue reading 6th Nov 1992

Is it wrong if I want to die?

Someone asked me this question, a few days ago and I waited awhile to respond to this. So today I finally wrote down a response to it, and here it is. I am writing their full question and my response>>> Is it wrong that I want to die? I’m only 23 and I really don’t … Continue reading Is it wrong if I want to die?

What I mean by ‘Recovery Oriented Counseling’

It is difficult for me to explain to people what is the meaning of recovery oriented counseling. Why? Because 'recovery' is a controversial issue, yet something which ought to be known by a wider number of people who are given mental 'illness' diagnosis. The major controversy about recovery lies in the fact that the idea … Continue reading What I mean by ‘Recovery Oriented Counseling’