Counseling Schedule 2018

The following is the timing of my counseling sessions for the months of February 2018, until June 2019. All sessions are to be fixed at least a day in advance, depending upon available appointment slots. Please understand I am not working full time in counseling at present, as  my Phd work is fairly demanding.

(Kindly note, this schedule is periodically tweaked, depending upon the urgency of my academic/travel requirements)

For May-June-July 2018: I am available for counseling consultation everyday at 11:00 am. For every other slot you are welcome to make an inquiry. Not available on Sundays, being a teaching day for me.

Summer Break– Taken already!

Kindly note

  • All payments are to made in advance for fixing appointments
  • I am available on all holidays and festivals for this year.
  • In urgent situations I can consider making immediate or quick bookings, but only with prior payments please.
  • The first meeting usually takes time. I urge you to remain patient for me to give you a time when I do not have many clients lined up
  • There are no evening appointments available, unless morning is not feasible for you at allDSC00466.