Counseling Schedule 2021

The following is the timing of my counseling sessions for the whole of 2021, starting January. Sessions are fixed if these terms and conditions appear suitable to the individual or family seeking my professional services.

Kindly note, I have no refund policy. If you cancel an appointment on the day of the appointment you will be charged for it fully. If you cancel it at least 24 hours in advance and fix another you don’t pay anything- but please note cancellation can only be 24 hours in advance, or earlier.

Please appreciate that I do not work full time in counseling, a good part of my working time is devoted to research among other things.  To download and read my research please click here. Here is my website which tells shares further some of the other commitments which keep me engaged. massage-1790063_640

( This schedule is periodically tweaked, depending upon the urgency of research/travel requirements, and in response to what a client may require)

I am available for counseling consultation everyday for three hours; the counseling timings are different for different days. For every  slot of time that seems to work for you, you are welcome to make an inquiry. Time permitting I may be able to offer a Sunday appointment- please feel free to inquire.The regular slots are as follows. Please fix appointments at least 48 hours ahead, I cannot suddenly accommodate anyone, for I am also supporting many people/families.

Kindly note, the earliest counseling slot is 10 am, on most days and the last may be 7:30 pm, with the exception of overseas clients with whom I may fix a 8:30 pm time as well.

Please bear in mind-

    • All payments are to made in advance for fixing appointments
    • I am available on all holidays and festivals for this year.
    • In urgent situations I can consider making immediate or quick bookings- but not on a regular basis.
    • A counseling session is a session, whether it be 20 minutes or 40. Ordinarily the time allotted is 45-50 minutes, but in case it is feasible, I do not mind offering 60 minutes out of my courtesy. Please do not expect it as a given every time.
  • The first meeting usually takes time. I urge you to remain patient for me to give you a time when I do not have many clients lined up.

Kindly do not forget>>> 

I am vested in the best support I can offer. May I request you to take this in kindred spirit that this is a joint venture? This implies we respect and maintain cordiality at all times in our lives- regardless of whether we work together or not