Counseling Schedule 2018

The following is the timing of my counseling sessions for the months of February 2018, until June 2019. All sessions are to be fixed at least a day or two in advance, depending upon available appointments. Please understand I am not working full time in counseling at present, as  my Phd work is fairly demanding. To download and read my research please click here.

(Kindly note, this schedule is periodically tweaked, depending upon the urgency of my academic/travel requirements)

I am available for counseling consultation everyday between 14:00- 20:00 hours, depending upon available slots. For every  slot of time that seems to work for you, you are welcome to make an inquiry. Not available on Sundays, being a teaching day for me. These slots are as follows. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I am not available for some of these, due to teaching schedules- so please help me look for alternative slots with you.

In case mornings work best for you please feel free to ask me, I will try my best to accommodate you- though for now, this is the time when I am studying!

14:00- 14:50:

Break for feeding my dogs, and giving further instructions to whoever needs to be given that!

16:15- 17:00-

17:15- 18:00:

18:15- 19:00:


20:00- Last option for the day

Summer Break– Taken already!

Kindly note

  • All payments are to made in advance for fixing appointments
  • I am available on all holidays and festivals for this year.
  • In urgent situations I can consider making immediate or quick bookings, but only with prior payments please.
  • The first meeting usually takes time. I urge you to remain patient for me to give you a time when I do not have many clients lined up. The other alternative is to talk on a regular basis, at least for the first month or two.
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