PhD- submission and onward

Thank goodness it is over and submitted (on 6th July 2020). The last bit was a bit tedious and unnecessarily prolonged by the university. Anyhow one needs a breather and I hope to get mine. Yesterday I also sent the hard copy to the university. I took less than four years to wind up the … Continue reading PhD- submission and onward

The idea of recovery in an interview

This is my first public interview, in which I spoke about recovery and why it is a justice issue, more than the right for people to get mental health treatment. It aired on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day, this year- 2019. My interview in Hindi, whose title is somewhat misleading for … Continue reading The idea of recovery in an interview

Campaign against the Schizophrenia Label

I just encountered the Campaign against Schizophrenia Label (CASL) while reading China Mills' book, Decolonizing Global Mental Health . This is an important book for many reasons, chief among them being the other resources, research, ideas and people whose work I am getting to encounter as a result of this work. Anyhow this blog post … Continue reading Campaign against the Schizophrenia Label