Can any/everyone recover

Welcome to this page, which contains an increasing set of resources about recovery, about the kind of work we do in counseling at Bright Side Family Counseling Center, which enables you to examine the ideas we work with and through. By the phrase ‘increasing set of resources’ we mean that this page is always getting more updated, with further resources and it only a project in the making- intends remaining that way. As knowledge expands we need to bring in more ideas to this set and therefore the choice of expansion as an evergreen process.

showing the way

We already have a diverse set of resources lying around in cyberspace. Instead of writing more things, it is best that we bring them together in the context of counseling that we do in one location. For now this is it. Please click along the links that interest you, as per your discretion or inquiry.

If you are interested in the personal story of recovery of Prateeksha Sharma, it lies here via her writing, on academia or on ResearchGate or one internet site, with the last link also having her singing embedded alongside. All articles can be read/downloaded for free.

In this segment we share a few things about the counseling work she does and this includes certain ideas such as the meaning of recovery oriented counseling, why involving families matters , a post that talks about engaging with a client, with due permission from him. Here is a post about peer- counseling. Someone asked is it wrong if I want to die, and you can read her response if you clicked the link.

It is not possible to succeed without a blueprint, even in counseling 🙂 because this work has a goal- usually it is recovery (but there may be other goals as well)

Here are two articles about anti-depressants. Someone asked what is the right time to seek counseling, so this link is a response to that.

Other sorts of resources, such as an article that talks about whether meditation works for everyone.